Shopping Cart Development A shopping cart or shopping basket is one of the most important components of any e-commerce website. It enables online shoppers to gather a list of products that they want to purchase. After checkout, the shopping cart normally computes the total price of the accumulated order, which includes handling costs, shipping costs and related taxes. This software provides a whole lot of convenience, and any e-commerce store owner that wants to enhance their customers’ shopping experience cannot disregard its integration on their e-commerce website. We recommend Shopify, as it has a great online shopping cart system! Having said that, here are the reasons why shopping cart development is critical to e-commerce solutions:

Shopping Cart Development

1- Offers airtight security for your e-commerce websites customers

One of the greatest fears online shoppers have is the risk of someone stealing their personal information. And in a world where hackers are savvier, customers are more concerned than ever before. This is why customers choose to shop on e-commerce stores with the greatest reputation regarding security. Online shoppers want guarantees that their credit card information, phone numbers, and addresses will be 100% secure after shopping in an online platform. This is why an e-commerce merchant must ensure that the shopping cart comes with state of the art security features. A single incident of customer information theft is enough to bring your e-commerce website crashing back down to earth.

2- Integrating a shopping cart to your e-commerce solutions offers a whole lot of convenience to your customers

For customers, a shopping cart offers the convenience of shopping in the comfort of their homes using any device, whether personal computer or mobile device. Shoppers are also able to accumulate a list of items they want to purchase in a shopping cart effortlessly, and upon checkout, the software calculates the total price a customer will pay, including handling and shipping cost. They don’t have to do these themselves anymore.

3- Offers e-commerce websites owners a lot of convenience

For an e-commerce website owner, a shopping cart allows them to receive online payment conveniently. In addition, it comes with multiple functionalities like coupon usage, sales monitoring, catalog management, inventory tracking, up selling, back-end marketing and much more. Since it deals directly with inventory, a merchant can monitor how their inventory moves and to know the fast and slow moving items. They can also conveniently know when items are about to be out of stock to initiate timely delivery request.

A shopping cart also enables customers to easily remove items they don’t need any more from the shopping cart. This is not the goal of an e-commerce merchant, but it’s necessary as the customer decides whether they want to buy a product or not.

Shopping Cart Development

4- Enables you to integrate multiple payment systems in your e-commerce solutions

Any e-commerce owner wanting to optimize their customer experience must incorporate as many payment options as possible. A shopping cart makes this possible as it comes with airtight security features that allow secure checkouts.

5-  A shopping cart helps e-commerce website owners to measure results easily

A shopping cart comes along with tracking and product management capabilities, which mean you get to know your customer characteristics. This is beneficial because it will enable you to make informed decisions regarding keywords and advertisement. You’ll also get to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

6- Helps e-commerce website owners to determine which customers qualify for discounts

Because a shopping cart is capable of tracking customer buying characteristics, an e-commerce merchant can determine which customers qualify for special discounts. A customer only needs to insert a special coupon code to be eligible for discounts.

Shopping Cart Development


With marketers today focusing a lot on customer experience than brand aesthetics, an e-commerce owner cannot disregard the integration of a shopping cart in their e-commerce websites. If you’re not aware of the ins and outs of a shopping cart, suffice to consult an expert so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to delight your customers and broaden sales.


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